Selection System

The Dentice Pantaleone company uses a technologically advanced waste selection plant. 

Preliminary operations of screening of the material are carried out, eliminating from the cycle possible extraneous fractions, subsequently it carries out the selection process, set according to the
type of waste stored.
The materials that are subjected to selection are the following: light packaging, paper and cardboard, household waste, plastic bottles, industrial waste and separate waste collection.
The selection process unfolds on various lines where waste is always subjected to the supervision and control of specialized personnel in order to verify that the output product meets the required specifications.

Rotary Travel

The sieving consists of the dimensional separation of the materials contained in the treated waste.
Dentice Pantaleone carries out the separation operations by means of a rotating drum screening machine, ideal for the treatment of industrial undifferentiated waste, regularly authorized and available at hiring throughout the national territory.

The machine is able to process substances such as agro-forest residues, fuel derived from waste, urban and industrial solid waste, compost, aggregates, sand and earth.
In particular, the following materials are classified: organic fertilizer, pruning clippings, biological waste, excavation materials, bark mulch, gravel, crushed residual waste, crushed rubble and glass.
The screening process allows to separate the waste from the evident pollutants that will be subjected to selection, recovery and/or disposal. Subsequently the waste will be conferred with qualified partners for the final remediation operations that will allow its reuse.


Dentice Pantaleone uses a single-shaft shredder for the volumetric reduction of waste.  The shredder has a mobile crushing comb that allows the adjustment of the size of the shredded material that
must always be private of metal elements.
The materials that the company can subject to shredding are:

  • green residues, branches, trunks, roots, wooden pallets and stumps. Crushed wood is obtained for the composition of compost matrices together with quality organic and bio-fuel materials destined
    for the electricity production plants from Alternative Sources;
  • mattresses and carpets for the volumetric reduction in order to optimize the landfilled spaces where the waste will be given;
  • paper and cardboard in bulk and/or bales, paper pulper for recycling;
  • tires of normal size and car fluff for the volumetric reduction in order to optimize the landfilled spaces where the waste will be given;
  • durable goods, home appliances, velocipedes, mopeds etc. without motors, compressors, etc. The objective is the volumetric reduction and/or recovery of metals and other materials;
  • waste for CDR for volumetric reduction;
  • sensitive documents for destruction.

Dentice Pantaleone’s shedder is available at hiring throughout the country and is regularly authorized by the Regione Campania.