The company was founded in 1984 under the entrepreneurial drive of Pantaleone Dentice who, after several years of experience as a street vendor, decided to invest in environmental services, creating
a company with the same name: Dentice Pantaleone.

In the eighties, the company's activity mainly focused on the collection and transport of paper, cardboard, ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

In the following, by purchasing machinery for volumetric reduction and waste treatment, Dentice Pantaleone has specialized in the transformation and reuse.

In the nineties, with the boom in the iron market, the company recorded a significant increase in the volume of business receiving orders from all over Italy.

In the two thousand, the iron’s market in decline was the motivation for deciding to invest in new services, in particular in the disposal of solid industrial waste and in the processing of plastic with the installation of a semi-automatic plant in order to make faster and more efficient the selection process compared to the exclusively manual one adopted previously.

Over the last few years, the market on which the company has referred has mainly concerned companies operating in the private sector. Thanks to the numerous orders obtained, there was a positive growth trend despite the negative economic situation.

Today, Dentice Pantaleone aims to increase the volume of business through the technological optimization of waste recovery and selection processes.