Dentice Pantaleone performs collection and storage operations by means of vehicles equipped with cranes and spiders for loading and containers of various sizes and types.

The company has: seventy 35 mc demountable containers, ten 10 mc demountable containers, two press-containers for the volumetric reduction of waste, two containers with cranes for the confinement of the different types of waste, four demountable trucks, an ecological compactor, a trailer and a stationary press for volumetric reduction of materials.

The categories of waste treated are:

  • ferrous and non-ferrous materials: manually selected and treated by means of a shearing press able to compact and cut any type of ferrous and non-ferrous material;
  • paper materials: selected, subjected to volumetric reduction and packaged for recovery;
  • plastic materials: selected and packaged for recovery;

  • industrial materials: selected and according to the type used for shredding or volumetric reduction and finally packaged.